ReVive Skincare Promo Codes March 2018

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Green Machine Makeup Tutorial | Diasia

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Just hit 7k on Green Machine!! Thank you :)

1st Impression Revlon Colorstay Foundation Routine - Diasia

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Just got home and its at 3k+! thank you :)

Wet and Wild Cosmetics Comfort Zone Make Up Look | Diasia

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New Milani Color Statement Lipstick W/Swatches~~IM BACK!!

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Hey guys I know I've been gone for so long and do I apologize. Im not going to go into why but just know very good things have happened in my absence. My first video is going to be a quick mini haul of the new milani lipsticks I hope you all enjoy!!

flamingo pose 
hot pink rage

rose hip

sweet nectar


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So this is my take on first impressions!! I call it LOK Thursdays which stands for lose it or keep it. I hope you guys enjoy!! Let me know of some vids you'd like to see in the comments section. Hopefully I'll be back in full swing next week I've been sick and lost my voice so haven't been able to record anything. Also would you still like to see the two other looks from the kisses down low vid? I feel like that train has passed lol but if you really want it thats what ill do!!

New Kelly Rowland - Kisses Down Low Makeup Tutorial

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Hey guys so today Ive uploaded my Kelly Rowland Kisses Down Low Makeup Tutorial. I hope you all like it I really surprised myself with this recreation. :-)

1st youtube video!!

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Yikes I feel like I havent posted in months which is impossible because I posted at the beginning of this month lol. Anyways I just successfully uploaded my first youtube video! I say successfully because when I originally tried to upload it a while back it didn't go through and I didn't even realize it till I was looking and it said I had no uploads. It was inspired from one of the beauty gurus Emilynoel83 on makeup storage for college or girls or just when you're in a small place ingeneral. it was perfect for my first video because I already had the storage unit she was using!! so give it a look. this was also my first time editing so please leave as much feedback as you can!! :-)

two weeks past due

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Whoa it feels like forever past two weeks!! I needed to take a little mini vacation so I'm currently visiting my family and some friends. Nothings really happened worth blogging just tweet worthy stuff. But as you all know I had this ten weeks of freedom which I was worried would turn into more. However, I'm proud to announce I'll get to return to school this March!! And no I havent forgotten about sharing my lv purchase I just wanted to post it a certain way but that cant happen now so it'll be up next week!

ps robear thanks you all for his bday wishes!!


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This is really a buffer post hehe but it's my boyfriends 23rd bday!!!! Yes my old man turned 23 on the 23rd. I've always  believed that the year you  turn  the  age of your birthdate is something of a golden year. Yes I'm corny like that haha. Anyways I just wanted To  tell the world's it's his bday and I love him very much after all he's the only one who can handle my deepest crazies!!!