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1st youtube video!!

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Yikes I feel like I havent posted in months which is impossible because I posted at the beginning of this month lol. Anyways I just successfully uploaded my first youtube video! I say successfully because when I originally tried to upload it a while back it didn't go through and I didn't even realize it till I was looking and it said I had no uploads. It was inspired from one of the beauty gurus Emilynoel83 on makeup storage for college or girls or just when you're in a small place ingeneral. it was perfect for my first video because I already had the storage unit she was using!! so give it a look. this was also my first time editing so please leave as much feedback as you can!! :-)

two weeks past due

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Whoa it feels like forever past two weeks!! I needed to take a little mini vacation so I'm currently visiting my family and some friends. Nothings really happened worth blogging just tweet worthy stuff. But as you all know I had this ten weeks of freedom which I was worried would turn into more. However, I'm proud to announce I'll get to return to school this March!! And no I havent forgotten about sharing my lv purchase I just wanted to post it a certain way but that cant happen now so it'll be up next week!

ps robear thanks you all for his bday wishes!!


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This is really a buffer post hehe but it's my boyfriends 23rd bday!!!! Yes my old man turned 23 on the 23rd. I've always  believed that the year you  turn  the  age of your birthdate is something of a golden year. Yes I'm corny like that haha. Anyways I just wanted To  tell the world's it's his bday and I love him very much after all he's the only one who can handle my deepest crazies!!!

Phone Case Haul!! !

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I'm so excited for this post. Its my first haul ever and on something I've become addicted to PHONE CASES. Normally I keep it simple and just buy whatever my carrier has in store. But being an avid ebay buyer I decided to see what cases they had so many and for such good prices. My biggest turnoff had been price. At the mall and stores cases are generally 20 bucks and up. But on sites like ebay they start at around 6 bucks! So I grabbed four cases. One even came with three screen protectors and a car charger! Talk about a deal! ive linked the sellers.

TinkerBell is a nickname of mines so this was meant to be! from ejuju

hot pink cheetah print!! from cellcasesusa

purple flowers and butterflies from cellcasesusa

pink flowers and butterflies from gadget.robot ...i just realized i got two cases with this theme haha

Also here's a sneak peak of my next post which is my second biggest purchase ever !! My first was my Mac pro hehe

10 weeks of freedom?

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a sad tale. classes started on the fourth and guess who didnt have a seat :-(. Do to some set backs it looks like I may have the next 10 weeks to do whatever i please. i dont know how i feel about that. However since the deadline wasn't met i guess ill be spending alot of my time on the web. Ive been considering it for months now before my current situation. So i see it only as an opportunity yelling take me take me before you never see me again.

Happy first week of the new year! !

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! the first week is coming to an end. How has your year been so far? Mines is off to a shaky start so what better way to calm my nerves than get active with my blog !! The only reason I'm even up is because my bf elbowed me in our sleep! Anyways I figure I'd share the few pics I have from new years eve and day. This was my first new years in Atl and I saw the peach drop!! I have made up my mind that from now on I want to visit a new state almost each year and see what they drop. There's more out there than the ny ball. I hear Florida drops an Orange!!